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Being a RJ
Radio Jockey Career 
Voice modulation / training

Radio jockey jobs(Where to apply)

The radio boom - that was seen in the from of transformation from AM (amplitude modulation) channels to FM (frequency modulation) channels - now Internet Radio witnessed a new industry rising. This gave opportunity to various private players such as Fm100 Pakistan,Radio Pakistam Fm101,Mast Fm103, Hot Fm105, Sunrise Radio Fm95,Fm97,Fm96,Apna Fm Network Fm107 etc. As a result, there has been resurgence in the popularity of Radio Fm, etc. As a result, there has been resurgence in the popularity of Radio. This FM boom has thrown open a number of avenues and opportunities to young, energetic and enthusiastic who have an ear for music and a passion to entertain. The profession of Radio Jockeying has just taken off in Pakistan Now and the demand for Radio Jockeys is likely to shoot up in the coming years as more new FM channels are proposed. Therefor Internet Radio has come to give opportunity for new generation to get seat in this industry now Internet Radio / Online Radio is also getting boom. Internet Radio will be shooting up in the coming 04 years.

For being an RJ its not essential that one must only have a very good and clear voice but what is more essential is that whoever is listening to him must get a feeling that this person speaking on radio is giving voice to my own heart. That means a good radio jockey should reach straight to the heart of his audience and voice their feelings. Moreover he should be a true music lover and could connect heartily with the music and lyrics of the songs being played. What is meant to be said is that song which is to be played must be prompted in such a way that even one who dislikes the song starts liking it.

Essentials for an RJ

Be yourself: Create your own image. Don’t try to imitate anyone. Be clear about your likes

and dislikes.

Talk one to one: A Radio jockey should converse in such a way that one who is listening to him should feel as if The RJ is talking only to him. That means RJ should not address the masses but to a single person.

Get to the meat of the link: RJs who speak more become very boring so a good RJ should have an ability to convey his thoughts or whatever he want to say in minimum words that too impressively .He should be able to paint a picture before the audience with his words.

Some more essentials for being a good RJ


RJ is all about music. Thus, Intensive knowledge of music is precondition to be RJ


RJ should carry vivacious personalityand should be young from heart and who loves talking to people and believe in its own performance. RJ is original and has own style.The language he speaks is very normal but he treys to spice it up so that what he presents comes out differentlyand sounds interesting to the listeners. The foremost condition of RJ nature is hanging your shyness, embarrassment, inhibition and reserve nature in your wardrobe. Simply come out of it and make yourself open.


Modulating voice should be your style of speaking. Monotones speech in single flow without any ups and downs will make you to lose your audience. So sound different every time. A friendly and interesting voice is a necessary attribute, but not an all-sufficient one. Research your own script and break it into interesting modules.


Lifeline of radio chatting is humour. Jokes or mimicry helps you further. Saying something witty and very direct way to say will leave a mark on your audience. Do something that's normal and at the same time that has not been done in radio before.


Radio jockeying is not only garrulous and whimsical remarks.So be resourceful about the information that people generally miss It is about delivering important news and keeps people well informed for the happenings. So always be resourceful.

Be Friendly!

The listeners should be able to relate to you. Why would they want to listen to a stranger? Try to be one among them and always be a friend so that they can relate to you. You need to listen to somebody who is a friend of us. Be like how kids talk in schools and guys talk in colleges, how friends talk when they are going out to eat or drink.

The competition is tough and it takes more than a good voice to woo the audience. There are some who believe that RJ is born and not made. General advice is to listen to a lot of radio, try to put yourself in the shoes of listeners, try and come up with innovative ideas, use oodles of wit and pack your voice with energy.

So to say

A RJ should be able to create bond with the listener, should be friendly, spontaneous, warm, and have a good voice and good command over the language. Youngsters are preferred as they have new ideas and concepts and are bubbling with enthusiasm. A radio jockey must have good voice with perfect modulation, diction and clarity while speaking 'on-air'. Apart from these the following would be added advantage:
? S/he would be well read and knowledgeable,
? should be well acquainted with current trends and fashion,
? should know current who's who,
? should have command over spoken words and able to use easy-to grasp language/dialect,
? could chat with the guest in the studio or audience over telephone,
? able to operate modern electronic gadgets like editing consoles and computer.

Possessing some basic qualities are not sufficient. As the competition in the market are fierce therefore a systematic training is required in order to achieve perfection . There are many Institutions that are providing theoretical and practical know-how for being a good radio jockey. as there are many more that provide trainings.

Career Opportunities
The career opportunity for a radio-jockey or programme presenter is increasing day-by-day with the advent of private FM channels, community radio stations and government owned local FM radio stations of All Pakistani Radio. Now Internet / Online Radio . That means every major and minor city is going to have more than one FM channel in the very near future. Metro cities are already having two or more FM channels.
Apart from the regular employment, there are opportuni-ties as casual or part time announcers or compere.


Voice is God Gifted, yes it true and fact, but it can be trained, this also a fact. Nobody is a born singer or narrator or voice artiste, yes he/she may have a sweet, melodious voice by birth but still his/her voice needs to be trained enough to modulate, variate and able to perform professionally for required time.

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